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ValuationsLooking to discuss the value of your assets? We offer in-depth valuations, market trends, and expert guidance to assist you in maximizing the value of holdings.
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EquipmentWe believe a well-conducted, well-advertised public auction to the highest bidder is the ultimate discovery of true value and the greatest source to compare value when it comes to predicting a selling price. It's the ultimate expression of the American free enterprise system. That being said, there are circumstances that may require a detailed analysis, an opinion of value or a full-blown fee appraisal. When it comes to personal property, the Steffes Group can provide what is needed for a multitude of purposes and a multitude of disciplines. Whether its construction, farm machinery, transportation equipment, or specialty assets of all kinds, Steffes can assistEquipment appraisals are needed for various purposes such as liquidation planning, mergers and acquisitions, financing, leasing, partnership dissolution, estate, tax purposes, donation, litigation, divorce, and bankruptcy to name a few.The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) provides the highest standard by which most appraisals are completed. The Steffes Group can provide, through its staff who are USPAP certified, such work when the subject is personal property. We can also provide a valuation which is less formal when it comes to assisting in a decision-making process about the disposition of assets.Contact us for further detail to discover the service that would make sense for any project.
LandReal property is distinctly different than personal property when it comes to appraisal.Each state has licensing requirements and stringent guidelines related to conflicts that would arise from an appraisal we would complete if we participated in the sale of that real asset which is our core business. Therefore, we at the Steffes Group choose not to hold ourselves out as licensed real estate appraisers and do not provide certified "appraisals" of real property.The Steffes Group intentionally chooses to refer that business to one of our trusted/licensed professionals who complete appraisals to USPAP standards. We however, routinely, and consistently complete "broker price opinions" or a "competitive market analysis" for our clients and customers especially as it relates to marketing decisions moving forward.There are many circumstances where the expense and time required for a "certified fee appraisal" may not be necessary and others where it may be required.Let us help you determine the proper path and allow us to discuss your needs and requirements as trusted advisors.