Steffes Group

Equipment Appraisals


We believe that auctions are the most fair and impartial valuations of property. Conducted and marketed properly, they provide insight into what ready, willing, and able buyers will pay at the given time of the auction.  Buyers and consumers are the ultimate dictators of price.  Personal property appraisals based on the auction method provide the most accurate picture of the value of assets!

We have been providing our clients personal property appraisal services since the 1960s.  During the '60s our founder, Bob Steffes, would often give local farmers an estimated valuation in the form of an appraisal prior to auction.  Our client base now ranges from estates, farmers, government agencies, banks, partnership interests, divorce settlements, and businesses curious about the value of their assets. Our company has been called upon to testify in court and has gained the respect of many in the judicial system.  If you need advice about the value of one item, or a total picture of your business, give us a call.  You will find our fees affordable, and more importantly, our opinion honest and candid.