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iPad Bidding App Now Available

Q. Where Can I Find the Online Bidding App?

A. The iPad app can be found in the App Store.  Simply click on the App Store icon located on your iPad screen.  Once the App Store opens, you will then need to type in the auction house company name in the Search Bar located in the top right hand corner.  Click “Search” and locate the Online Bidding App.

Q. How do I Download the Online Bidding App?

A. Click on the Online Bidding App and press the “Purchase” button in the right corner.  You will then be prompted to enter your email and password that is associated with your APPLE ACCOUNT (Not Your Email/Password Associated With Your Bidder Account).  Click “OK” after you have entered your Apple ID information.  The Online Bidding App will begin to download.

Q. Where can I Find the Online Bidding App Once it has Been Downloaded?

A. Once the Online Bidding App has been downloaded onto your iPad you will be able to locate it on your iPad screen.

Q. How Long Will I have Access to the Online Bidding App?

A. Once you have downloaded the Online Bidding App you will have access to it for as long as you have a registered online bidder account or until you delete the Online Bidding App from your iPad.

Q. Once I have Downloaded the Online Bidding App can I Begin to Bid?

A. You can bid on any auction via the Online Bidding App as long as you have registered an online bidder’s account and have been approved to bid for the sale.  When you open the Online Bidding App you will input your email and password associated with your online bidding account in the Sign In area.  If you do not have a registered online account simply click the “Sign Up for an Account” button located at the bottom of your screen.