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October - 2021
Check out the top 10 auction highlights from the month of September.... Read More
If you are interested in joining our growing team, you can see all our open positions and apply here!... Read More
Auction Prices. Real Results.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
September - 2021
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Prices seen at recent hay auctions have been an anomaly.... Read More
Here’s What You Can Expect!... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Here are a few things you need to know.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Steffes Group and Ashland Industries are proud to offer this scraper at auction. ... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Check out our list of top 10 pieces of equipment that brought impressive prices for the month of August.... Read More
August - 2021
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country. ... Read More
There are many factors that go into the final selling price of an item, and we’ll go through all the considerations you should take when preparing to sell your equipment.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
With buyers from three countries and thirteen U.S states, Steffes was able to reach at, or near retail prices across an outstanding line of equipment.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Max Steffes of Steffes Group provides a Farm Industry Market Trends Update to give a recap on late Spring and early Summer auction sales, the COVID recovering economy, and more!... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Check out our list of top 10 pieces of equipment that brought impressive prices for the month of July!... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Download our 2021 fall auction catalog to view our upcoming auctions for land, farm equipment, construction equipment, trucks & trailers, hay & forage, cattle, and more.... Read More
July - 2021
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
As farmers begin planning for harvest, new equipment and machinery is getting harder to find, and so the used market is booming.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Both live and online auction attendances are increasing as the market remains strong following the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
A message from Scott Steffes...... Read More
Check out our list of top 12 pieces of equipment that brought impressive prices for the month of June.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
We believe every auction has a story, and the Roger Sandstrom Farm Auction is no different. ... Read More
June - 2021
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Our Steffes Construction Consignment Auction is now open for bidding and we are accepting consignments for our Multi-Party Construction Auction!... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country. ... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group provides a Farm Industry Market Trends Update to explain why it is a seller's market, the strong demand for farmland, and more!... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes update with Joe Milledge of KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Check out our list of top 5 equipment that brought impressive prices for the month of May.... Read More
Tim Meyer of Steffes Group gives his weekly Steffes report with Joe Milledge from KIIC Thunder Country.... Read More
Download our 2021 early summer auction catalog to view our upcoming auctions for land, ag equipment, construction equipment, trucks & trailers, hay & forage, cattle, and more.... Read More
May - 2021
Whether you have one piece of equipment to sell or an entire collection, Steffes Group has multiple opportunities to consign your excess equipment. ... Read More
With over 200 auctions completed so far, 2021 has been a busy year for Steffes.... Read More
As we wrap up a busy & successful spring auction season, we want to take time to express our deepest gratitude to our buyers and sellers who have trusted us with their business this spring.... Read More
Check out our list of top 15 equipment that brought in at impressive prices for the month of April.... Read More
We want to ensure you never miss out on an opportunity to bid on a Steffes Group Auction.... Read More
What a great week to celebrate the awesome things we are doing in the industry and for our communities and educate on value we believe we provide to our buyers and sellers.... Read More
The appraisal process for farm equipment can be an interesting process to navigate, however, it can help to have a trusted and experienced company to partner with.... Read More
April - 2021
Let's talk about how the perception of having an auction has changed over the years and how we're seeing it now as a celebration for our sellers.... Read More
Check out our list of top 10 equipment that brought in impressive prices for the month of March.... Read More
Fill out the form below to get on our catalog mailing list. ... Read More
We’re proud that our staff is seasoned in both the auction industry and “The Steffes Way” and we wanted to know what they love about working here. ... Read More
March - 2021
There are many factors that go into the final selling price of an item. Let's go through all the considerations you should take when preparing to sell your equipment.... Read More
Demand, interest, and bidder registrations skyrocketed on farmland auctions in late 2020 and this trend has continued into 2021. ... Read More
Check out our three upcoming live AgIron events in West Fargo, ND, Litchfield, MN, & Mt. Pleasant, IA.... Read More
We continued to see strong prices on well-maintained equipment throughout our February auctions. Check out our top 5 selling pieces!... Read More
February - 2021
Download our 2021 spring auction catalog to view our upcoming auctions for land, ag equipment, construction equipment, trucks & trailers, hay & forage, cattle, and more.... Read More
When the time comes to consider selling your line of equipment at auction, there are many factors that go into deciding whether a live or timed online auction will be right for you.... Read More
No tractor too big, no toy too small, we believe every auction has a story to be told, and Steffes Group is excited to be part of another chapter of the Willard Onchuck family story.... Read More
January - 2021
The auction price guide is a comprehensive overview of all equipment sold at Steffes Group auctions in 2020, as well as highlights and photos from our various auctions in 11 states across the Midwest.... Read More

Pdf 2021 Price Guide Order Form [DOWNLOAD]

Featuring your auction in our spring catalog serves as additional advertising for your upcoming auction at no additional cost to you. This can be a critical piece to your auction marketing plan as it’s hitting our potential buyers at a prime time.... Read More
As we enter the cold winter months, we want to remind our bidders of the convenience of our online bidding platform. While we are still proud to be conducting live auctions, online bidding continues to be a great option for those who can’t travel or prefer not to.... Read More
Often overlooked in an agricultural lender’s world is the value that an auction company plays in certain processes.... Read More
December - 2020
In an area where farmland rarely changes hands, Monday’s auction of 1,656 acres offered a chance for true price discovery. And the market responded with a large turnout of more than 312 bidders, resulting in land prices as high as $13,100 per acre.... Read More
It’s fair to say that none of us could have imagined all the challenges the year has brought us. But while many will remember 2020 for the COVID-19 pandemic that touched many families, it’s also important to remember that times like these bring us together, even as we have to keep our distance.... Read More
Star of the show was a 2017 John Deere R4045 sprayer... Read More
"The equipment market is being driven by the high cost and limited availability of new equipment. There’s a lot of demand for late model equipment with a good pedigree and low hours,” said representative Brad Olstad.... Read More
November - 2020
All eyes were on the Steffes Group’s auction of a major dairy operation in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, including 1,800 cows, two modern turnkey dairy operations and 396 acres.... Read More
Steffes Group is closing out the year strong with over 7,400 acres left to sell before December 31, 2020. Click on the auctions listed below to view everything from farmland to commercial land in ND, MN, IA, and IL.... Read More
“Demand is still strong on used farm equipment and we expect that to continue at least through the end of the year and into the spring of 2021.”... Read More
Download a digital copy today at SteffesGroup.com!... Read More
Selling approx. 1,800 mature milking dairy cattle!... Read More
October - 2020
Three elements we need for a good land market are low interest rates, good commodity prices, and good yields,” said Max Steffes.... Read More
Fantastic turn out in Montana!... Read More
If you haven’t bid in a timed online auction -- or if you’re rusty -- here’s a quick guide.... Read More
More than 20 equipment auctions occurring in the next six weeks.... Read More
September - 2020
A Few Things You Need to Know...... Read More
Here’s What You Can Expect!... Read More
The best time to have an auction is when you’re ready. And right now, it appears that a lot of people are ready and even eager to sell their farmland at auction. ... Read More
September 23 is Deadline to Get Your Fall Auction into the Steffes Group Fall Catalog... Read More
August - 2020
The market for combines and other harvest equipment is heating up!... Read More
Seeing familiar faces in Arthur, ND... Read More
After Big Land Auction, Steffes’ Week Features 17 Auctions... Read More
“When it’s time to sell, nothing beats a solid maintenance program, with service records and anything to demonstrate that the piece has been well cared for,” said Representative Brad Olstad.... Read More
Over 140 auctions scheduled and 5,000± acres of land available! Find the equipment or land you have been seeking.... Read More
Stay tuned next week for the full reveal!... Read More
Expanding our footprint to the West!... Read More
July - 2020
1,129 bidders and Results in Sales Over $3.5 Million... Read More
1 (2)_SM22.jpg
Check out the highlights from this week's live auction!... Read More
Even older equipment will command a strong price if it’s in prime condition. ... Read More
Gallery (4).JPG
June - 2020
If you’re planning to sell assets this...... Read More
Steffes Group will return to live auctions when bidders gather in Horace, North Dakota, on July 8. The event will mark 117 days since the company’s most recent live auction. ... Read More
A hardworking farmer with equally hardworking equipment!... Read More
May - 2020
Demand was strong for tractors, combines, and sprayers throughout the period, regardless of the auction method.... Read More
Farm Industry Market Trends; Transportation, Construction, & Land... Read More
Putting the safety of our employees and customers first.... Read More
April - 2020
Article by Scott Steffes... Read More
Soybeans_iStock-975806766 ORIGINAL_Vignette_640x400.jpg
This week brought nice weather and prices!... Read More
An interesting land sale coming out of Cass County, ND in the Red River Valley!... Read More
Incredible website activity for our auctions this week!... Read More
Selling over 60 tractors in one week!... Read More
With crowd sizes restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Steffes Group’s conversion of all auctions to online went smoothly, resulting in great prices and satisfied sellers.... Read More
Sign up to receive our future auction catalogs!... Read More
Steffes Group’s online bidding platform gets great results without exposure risk.... Read More
March - 2020
Take a walk through almost 1,000 years of history!... Read More
Learn how to create an account to bid online at SteffesGroup.com... Read More
Learn how to bid online at our SteffesGroup.com auctions.... Read More
Here's a quick recap of Thursday's auction!... Read More
As Another is Elected to Iowa Hall of Fame... Read More
To bid on all webcast auctions using your mobile device please use the gray Steffes Group app. Any questions or tech support please call 701.365.0443.... Read More
Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.31.10 AM.png
February - 2020
Over 130 auctions scheduled and 5,000± acres of land available! Find the equipment or land you have been seeking.... Read More
Don't miss out on an opportunity to consign or purchase at these large, multi-ring events!... Read More
AgIron Event Litchfield, MN 8_15_13 189_CMYK.jpg
January - 2020
Here are what some of our customers have been saying about Steffes!... Read More
December - 2019
You'll want to see these auction highlights!... Read More
November - 2019
The descendant of the founder of Nichols, IA chooses Steffes to hold his retirement auction.... Read More
October - 2019
Watch the highlights of this multimillion-dollar auction!... Read More
Another great line-up of John Deere machinery!... Read More
The first few farm auctions at the end of harvest tend to be a good indicator of what we can expect in the months ahead. That’s because the number of auctions slows to a crawl as farmers focus on getting their crops out of the field and into the marketplace.... Read More
Excellent Cat and New Holland Equipment!... Read More
3 Day Auction will come to a close!... Read More
Click to see one of the most unexpected prices out of this tractor!... Read More
Check out what this 2001 JD 7810 sold for!... Read More
The late harvest gives some farmers extra time to pick up bonus equipment.... Read More
September auction highlights and why a fall auction may be your best choice... Read More
Check out these Holstein dairy replacement prices! ... Read More
Check out the auction highlights!... Read More
Two brothers retire from farming in Theif River Falls, MN... Read More
September - 2019
Check out this outstanding line-up of this crisp, low hour-ed equipment!... Read More
The right time for an auction is when YOU'RE ready. ... Read More
Get ready for an incredible sale 3 days long!... Read More
Over 75 Auctions Scheduled for August & September... Read More
Come join us for the Steffes Truck & Transportation auction held at the Steffes Group Facility in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa! ... Read More
1 2012-Freightliner-(1)-1.jpg
Taking care of your equipment always pays off in the end!... Read More
A big attendance in Nebraska brings big sales!... Read More
Over 100 upcoming auctions scheduled from now until the end of the year... Read More
August - 2019
Check out great Holsteins from a farm with an even more unique name.... Read More
Incredible, like-new, and blemish-free equipment for sale on the Mueller Farms Retirement Auction.... Read More
Please follow directions supplied in this article. In March 2019, we were informed Google Chrome would no longer support Adobe Flash, which is how our Live On-Site Webcasts are currently powered through Nextlot. To force Google Chrome to allow Adobe Flash to run, please follow the video or written directions in this article. If you have any trouble, please contact our Tech Line, 701.365.0443.... Read More

Video Video Available

Record sale price for 2001 John Deere 9650!... Read More
Another busy year demands more room in the store!... Read More
July - 2019
Remarkably low hour equipment brings big prices!... Read More
No auction is too big for the Steffes Team to handle! ... Read More
June - 2019
Over 40 years of experience in agricultural news!... Read More
8 parties sold with Steffes Group for the Multi-Party Auction... Read More
One of the benefits of an auction is the ability to sell virtually any asset at any time. But sellers get the best results by planning carefully, preparing their farms and equipment for the auction, and selling when the market is most favorable.... Read More
A self-made farmer retires after 41 years.... Read More
When land is so good it sells itself... Read More
May - 2019
For years, Steffes Representative Scott Gillespie heard stories that a nearby farmer had bought a spanking new 1983 combine, driven it home and stored it indoors ever since. But Scott had never seen it with his own eyes until recently.... Read More
April Sales Highlights... Read More
April - 2019
Check out the highlights of the Gilderhus auction here!... Read More
A quality over quantity auction brought in a good crowd and great prices.... Read More
A retirement auction reveals many memories for everyone in this family.... Read More
Central Location, Efficient Format Leads to Excellent Outcome in Truck Auction.... Read More
As the auction world continues to evolve, Steffes Group continues to innovate with new methods and formats for every aspect of the business. Most recently, that took the form of a truck auction in our new auction arena in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.... Read More
Consign your construction or heavy equipment today!... Read More
The Lunde family is shown support by attendance of huge crowd at Jeff's estate auction.... Read More
A farmer, and auction, and a birthday.... Read More
Spring has sprung as real estate auctions take over the month of April.... Read More
Age was just a number when it came to these well cared for and much-desired pieces!... Read More
March - 2019
8 tracts, 2 states, 2 auctions, 1 day.... Read More
Take a look at some of our upcoming Spring auctions!... Read More
Like a lot of auction professionals, Max Steffes likes to remind bidders of their “once in a lifetime opportunity” to buy a farm. After all, it’s common for farmland to pass from generation to generation without going onto the market.... Read More
Two 2017 Case-IH Combines sell for an astonishing price at farm retirement sale.... Read More
Like low hour-ed equipment? Check out how these great pieces sold in Iowa!... Read More
An estate auction hits close to home for the Steffes family as a long-time family friend passes.... Read More
After 50 years of farming, Keith Axtmann gets ready for retirement by having an auction with Steffes!... Read More
Low hours, and great sales helped make this auction an incredible success!... Read More
Bidders gathered Wednesday morning at the G-Bar Ranch in Milaca, Minnesota. Another crowd was ready to start bidding at Keith Axtman Farm in Rugby, North Dakota. And down in Steamboat Rock, Iowa, yet a third assembled. Three major retirement auctions, separated by 700 miles. With three Steffes teams.... Read More
We want to take a moment to inform you about the problems we encountered with users trying to access our live auction webcasts this week.... Read More
February - 2019
Stepping into 2019 on the right foot and landing in Dawson, MN.... Read More
With 25,000 acres to farm, North Dakota farmer Nathan Smith likes to keep his equipment updated regularly. But when he set out to do some trading for the upcoming crop year, he saw an opportunity to save money by selling in a Steffes auction. As it turned out, he figures he saved about $30,00.... Read More
A young farmer from Sawyer, ND seeks to update his farm by auctioning off his current line-up of John Deere equipment.... Read More
The Steffes Group Spring Auction catalog is now available for download. This spring's edition includes our spring market report as well as over 120 upcoming auctions in 2019. ... Read More

Pdf 2019 Spring Auction Catalog <CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD>

Catalog Cover.JPG
The Ostrander family decides to sell their 280-acre farmland after many years of devoted work from their late father.... Read More
Bankers and Ag lenders join us for a lunch where our team shares our observations and reports of true market conditions by comparing the results of our past auctions and sharing the information about how the land and equipment market is shaping in 2019. ... Read More
January - 2019
On Friday, December 28th, 2018 our Fargo location held the last and biggest land sale of the year.... Read More
After several years of weak commodity prices, we still hear from many farmers who say they are waiting for things to return to normal.... Read More
A strong hay market continues to be a resilient influence on our hay equipment.... Read More
December - 2018
Out of season, late-model equipment finds a good market at the AgIron Mt. Pleasant Event... Read More
A marathon auction brings expected prices as the year draws to an end.... Read More
Farm profits for 2018 will decline about 10.5 percent when all the crops and numbers are in, according to the USDA’s recent forecast. And on an individual level, many operations are facing leaner times, with shorter cash flows and conservative outlooks for 2019 and beyond.... Read More
Santa Clause came to town to do some Christmas shopping on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 for the Ron and Sally Mellies Farm Retirement Auction.... Read More
Buyers choose Jersey calves over Holsteins at the Farber Dairy Farm Retirement Auction.... Read More
This just goes to show that working hard really does pay off in the end.... Read More
November - 2018
The market is still alive!... Read More
Approximately 5,368 acres of cropland in Minnesota’s Beltrami and Marshall counties will sell at auction Dec. 28, with Steffes Group conducting the auction.... Read More
Gotta have lefse! As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near we were curious to see what's on our neighbors' table. Surviving the windchill is no easy task, but with loyal customers and determined minds we made it through and had a successful auction for the Eggert Family.... Read More
Prices were hottest they have been in FOUR years! ... Read More
Two brothers who have worked side by side for many decades have finally decided to retire from farming and spend more time with their wives and family. John and Connie, along with his brother and brother's wife, Neal, and Colleen held their equipment up for public sale on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018. Low hour-ed and in excellent condition, you won't believe what they sold for.... Read More
If there was ever any doubt that careful maintenance of machinery can pay off when it’s time to sell, the retirement auction in Oakville, Iowa, on Nov. 16 should have removed it.... Read More
Because of the rollercoaster weather we’ve received in the last month, the ground has farmers anxiously waiting for an optimal time to get back in the field and intently seeking equipment that can handle whatever the ground decides to be that day. That type of equipment was just what we had to sell on Monday, November 12, 2018, at the Tom McInnes Farm Retirement Auction.... Read More
If you're looking for equipment that performs as good as it looks then this is your time to buy! Randy and Connie Reuss of Barrett, MN are retiring from production agriculture after 43 years of farming together. This equipment has had excellent maintenance and most of it was stored inside. Join us on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 at 10:00 AM CST in Barrett, MN.... Read More
Land that has been untouched by those outside of the Anderson lineage was finally sold for the first time in well over a century on Friday, November 9th, 2018. In 1854, this land in Meeker County was homesteaded to the Nicholson family. Through the years it has been passed down to their next of kin where it most recently rested in the hands of Chuck and Pam Anderson. A 164-year-old family farm is now starting anew in others. Watch a glimpse of the auction and click on the link for the full auction results.... Read More
Despite the snow and the cold, we had a well-attended auction for the Leon & Louis Klocke Farm Retirement Auction on Thursday, November 8th, 2018. With new tires and well cared for equipment, we saw decent sale prices as well as pleasantly unexpected sales for some of the work trucks, semis, and hopper bottoms. ... Read More
On Wednesday, November 7th, 2018, Steffes Group held an auction for Robert and Kathy Walsh. It was cold and windy, but those that came out to the RV Walsh Farms Inc. Farm Retirement Auction had a purpose; get in, place your bid, and get out of the cold! Here’s a look into some of the best-selling pieces for the Walsh Farm Auction.... Read More
A farmer making a career change has decided to retire from farming and work in crop insurance. On Friday, November 2nd, Steffes Group held an auction for Randy Schoon a farmer from Beardsley, MN to auction off his equipment after their harvest. There were many great items sold, including a 2004 JD 4WD tractor and 2007 JD 9660 combine.... Read More
A small auction with BIG prices, the Mark Krueger Farm Retirement auction was held on Thursday, November 1st, 2018 drawing a lot of attention and a healthy market. We even had two, rarer, items for sale; an Akron grain loader and extractor and a pristine John Deere sprayer. Watch the recap to see how they sold!... Read More
When the crop prices are high, the harvest is on schedule and the weather is perfect, a lot of auction companies can get good results on the farm auctions that fill much of the fall calendar here at Steffes.... Read More
On Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 Steffes held a farm retirement auction for Todd Ostenson in Sharon, ND. Due to health reasons, Todd has decided to retire from farming, but he is not letting it slow down his life after the sale. As a loyal NDSU Bison football fan, he plans to follow them down to Frisco if they make the Championship. ... Read More
The Ziegler brothers, Buzz and Bill, have decided to retire from their respective farming and construction businesses and focus on enjoying their retirement. On Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 Steffes Group held a multi-ring auction in Georgetown, MN to sell the Ziegler's major farm and construction equipment. Watch and catch a glimpse of the results!... Read More
October - 2018
It's been a big year for us here at Steffes Group! From January to September alone, we've held over 259 auctions company-wide. From private auctions and hay auctions, to live and online, we want to thank everyone who chose us to hold their auction and all those on our team who helped make it happen. Here are what some of our clients and customers have said about their experience with Steffes Group.... Read More
Get ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity! This land has not been sold to another person outside of the Anderson family...EVER! And soon you will have the chance to purchase up to 629 acres. From government to railroad, to the homesteader; Andrew Nicholson Sr., this land has been in their family for over 140 years. This is the biggest deal that has hit Meeker County Agriculture and you can be a part of it on Friday, November 9, 2018. Listen and watch the brief history of the Andersons. View the auction details here -https://steffesgroup.com/Auction/AuctionDetails?Name=629-acres---meeker-county-mn-farmland-auction-31662 ... Read More
The Borchart family has run a long history here in New Germany, MN. Since 1856 when Jim Borchart’s ancestors homesteaded, they have been on this very plot of land ever since. Running operations from farming, to a creamery business, and finally establishing themselves in the steel repurposing industry. On Thursday, October 18th, 2018, we held an auction for the company to sell its industrial machinery and any engines, tools and other items recovered from previous job sites. With two rings, just under 1,000 lots, and the sun finally coming out, it made for a big day. ... Read More
Despite crop prices that are below the breakeven point for many farmers, quality farmland is holding up surprisingly well. That may provide an opportunity for farmers and investors to lock in their long-term gains, according to Tim Meyer, Steffes representative based in Iowa.... Read More
Borchart Steele of New Germany, MN is retiring from business after almost 60 years of service. They have worked with major companies like Caterpillar, General Mills, and 3M and specialized in recovery and repurposing industrial and commercial facilities since 1991. Engines, industrial machinery, HVAC, generators, electrical supplies, tools, hardware, and endless other items will be on this huge multi-ring retirement auction on Thursday, October 18th, 2018 starting at 10:00AM.... Read More
September - 2018
Over 2,600 acres of land was sold on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 in Roseau, MN where we hosted a well attended auction. The land was sold in 11 Tracts which included multiple tracts of farm land and a bin site.... Read More
EVERYTHING. MUST. GO. On Thursday, September 20th, 2018 we held the Boone Valley Implement Complete Dealer Liquidation sale in Renwick, IA. Boone Valley Implement has been in Renwick for 49 years selling out of an old school building since 1980. Over the years they have sold quite the assortment of miscellaneous tools, tractors, trucks, and other heavy equipment. And over the course of preparation for the auction, it has been cleaned out and put into five rings and on over 600 pallets. Bethany Kiedrowski was there with the rest of the Steffes Team to cover the auction.... Read More
When Bob Steffes began auctioning cattle in the 1960s, he quickly realized that success depended on shooting straight with people – telling the truth and delivering on what he promised.... Read More
With harvest in motion and farmers looking for any missing pieces they might need for a successful harvest, we entertained quite the crowd and had some great sales for both are large and small items. On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk with some of those farmers and also get a new perspective on some of our sale pieces.... Read More
With the timeline to harvest getting shorter, the Joe Berbos Farm Retirement Auction could not have come at a better time. On Friday, September 14th, 2018, local farmers came to make some final purchases before they hit the field.... Read More
On Thursday, September 13th, 2018, Steffes held the Vernus Kokesch Estate Antique John Deere Tractor Auction in Winthrop, MN. The immaculate pieces in this sale brought in several John Deere enthusiasts. Vernus Kokesch knew value, where to find it and what to look for, and this is reflected in the quality of care he brought to his own collection. So it is no wonder why other green folks gathered today to honor his memory. ... Read More
Steffes has been brewing a new service for quite sometime and at the first of the month it made its debut. Our first AgIron Online finishes its first two weeks by closing today, Wednesday, September 12th, 2018. Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk with our site manger, Corina Carroll, to shed some light on our new service.... Read More
AgIronOnline copy.jpg
You can’t afford to waste any on machinery that might not be reliable.... Read More
On Thursday, September 6th, 2018, we held our AgIron Event in Litchfield, MN. We were full to the brim with tractors, combines, headers, trailers and people! We even held an Estate Auction within one of our rings as well. Bethany Kiedrowksi was there to talk to our consigners and bidders.... Read More
Take a look at this impeccable collection! Not only are these vintage tractors, they are reconditioned vintage tractors. The late Vernus Kokesch’s assortment of John Deere memorabilia, toy tractors, and equipment is one of the cleanest and well-kept collections you will see. Come and join us Thursday, September 13th in Winthrop, MN!... Read More
In an effort to lighten their work load, Mike and Tina Noteboom held an auction Thursday, August 30th, 2018 to sell their farm equipment in order to focus more on their business in town. ... Read More
On Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 an auction was held for the late Calvin Gardner who lost his battle to cancer. A good man, and a hard worker as said by many of his friends. The auction today brought in quite the crowd!... Read More
August - 2018
Check out this clean line-up of equipment! Reconditioned, like-new, well-kept. These items were hot. On Tuesday, August 29th, 2018 we held an auction for Doug Fenner, our own Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk to him about the sale and the life he made in South Dakota.... Read More
We had a first-time buyer at our auction this week! Cole Wendolek bought his first tractor from the Lennie J. Anderson Auction. From the crowd we had at this auction, you can tell Lennie was well liked and respected. On Friday, August 24th, Steffes held both Lennie's land and equipment auction.Both having a satisfying outcome. ... Read More
Dave Mowitz of Successful Farming made an appearance at our AgIron in Mt. Pleasant, IA last week Thursday, August 23rd. He chose us and our AgIron because he waned to highlight some of our late model and antique tractors. His video will be out in November! Check out our best selling item of the auction, a JD 8530!... Read More
MP 1.jpg
In an effort to make room for new equipment the Grinnell Implement Store in Grinnell, IA held a timed online only auction that closed Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 with a successful outcome. Bethany Kiedrowski covers the benefits, for both sellers and bidders, of having an online sale.... Read More
Ardell & Judy Kliewer, a well-known farming couple in the Crawfordsville, IA community, welcomed a large, supportive crowd to their farm on Thurdsay, August 16th, 2018. Their cattle equipment received a lot of attention as well as a few John Deere pieces.... Read More
kliewer 1.jpg
The auction business is changing rapidly, and that presents constant challenges for us. Fortunately, we at Steffes Group serve a customer base with a history of embracing and welcoming change. ... Read More
Steffes Group’s first Truck Auction was such a big success that the company has scheduled a second one for October 10. That means the company is now lining up consignments for the next event.... Read More
With clean, low hour, and like-new equipment the AgIron Sioux Falls event drew in a large crowd on Wednesday, August 7, 2018. One John Deere 920 header and a John Deere folding disc were some of the items at the top of our watchlist.... Read More
SF 1.jpg
Starting in September, Steffes Group will extend the well-known AgIron brand to its online auctions, which are now being held twice a month.... Read More
agiron online.JPG
With harvest season just around the bend, our headers took the hot spot in the market for our AgIron West Fargo Event on Wednesday, August 1st. Take a look at how the rest of the market went by watching our video or by the auction results linked below. ... Read More
WF 2.jpg
The Auction Setup Associate at Steffes Group, Inc. will be based in our West Fargo, ND office and will travel to auction sale sites to prepare equipment for upcoming auction sales. Duties include washing, moving, and operating equipment. This person will work under the direction of the Auction Setup Manager and Sales Representative for the specific auction. This position includes occasional travel and overnight stays during peak seasons.... Read More
July - 2018
Next Wednesday (August 1), Steffes Group will host one of its widely followed AgIorn auctions in West Fargo, with scores of pieces of equipment. Buyers and sellers alike will gather early, swap ideas, and compare notes about every aspect of agriculture.... Read More
175 acres of beautiful land was sold on Friday, July 20, 2018 in Meeker County, MN. The land was sold in 3 tracts with one of the tracts including the house, garage, and large machinery shed.... Read More
On Wednesday, July 18th, 2018, the Steffes Group was in Mooreton, ND for the Steve Breuer Farm Retirement Auction where we had a great lineup of equipment knee-deep in rubber! ... Read More
steve 1.jpg
The auction of 86 acres in Hancock County, Illinois, may not have registered a big number on the Richter Scale, but it marked a significant step in Steffes Group’s continuing penetration of the Illinois farmland market.... Read More
Take a look at the hot ticket items on the George Besser Estate Auction coming up on Friday, July 13, 2018. But don't let Friday the 13th frighten you, you're in luck with these beautifully restored vintage tractors, low mile vehicles, and a pulling tractor that makes all the others run home!... Read More
besser truck.jpg
When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you don’t expect to do a lot of things for the first time. But we did this week, with great results in both auctions.... Read More
June - 2018
The first Steffes Truck Auction debuted Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 in Mt. Pleasant, IA. The auction received a lot of positive feedback from the auction goers in their hopes to return to the next Truck Sale in October. ... Read More
truck 1.jpg
Active bidders and a sturdy lineup of low hour John Deere tractors were present at the Kaiser auction on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018. With satisfied buyers and sellers, one woman walks away with spoils-a-plenty to take back to Nebraska.... Read More
kaiser 1.jpg
Unit retains, an asset that is rarely offered for sale outside members of agricultural co-ops is being offered through a timed online auction at Steffes Group.... Read More
After 144 years, the land near Kinnick Stadium has a new owner; University Heights. On Thursday, June 14th the 11.84 acres of land – the last of a family farm homesteaded 140 years ago – will become a green space serving city residents in the neighborhood. The city offered the high bid of $480,000.... Read More
Henry County, IA - Two separate tracts were offered up for auction on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018. A local farmer purchased the Conrad Land in Trenton, IA, which sold for $6,475/acre equalling $518,000 for the total sale. The Anderson Land in Lowell, IA was sold for $4,050/acre equalling $260,212.50 for the total sale and was purchased by a woman eager to build her new home.... Read More
UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Iowa -- Long before there was a State of Iowa or an Iowa City, a pioneer family homesteaded more than 400 acres that included much of the land now used by the University of Iowa. That era finally ended Thursday, June 15, when the final 9.3 acres of the land near Kinnick Stadium sold to the city of University Heights, with Steffes Group conducting the auction.... Read More
A 283-acre farm in Henry County, Iowa, sold for $2,551,935 in three tracts on June 8, as the Steffes Group auction attracted ___ bidders to the company’s auction facility in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. ... Read More
The Rinas time capsule has finally been revealed. On Friday, June 8th, we were back in Sisseton, SD to show the extensive collection of modern and primitive machinery, metal and woodworking tools, as well as antique tractors.... Read More
A great lineup of pristine machinery was sold last week on Thursday, June 7th, in Greenbush, MN. Ernie and Carol took such great care of their equipment, it sold itself! Our own Bethany Kiedrowski was there to report.... Read More
An extensive 60-year-old tractor collection is sold in Watertown, SD. Clayton Zemlicka was a well-known custom combiner as well as a versed tractor collector. On Friday, June 1st, his collection was held at auction so that others would be able to buy and add to their trove. ... Read More
May - 2018
Prime development land near University of Iowa will be offered at auction for the first time in 100 years.... Read More
This event gave us a unique opportunity to share our experiences in the marketplace and elaborate on our results to report the true conditions as they happen first in the cash world of auctions.... Read More
A time capsule has been uncovered on the Rinas brothers farm in Sisseton, SD. Over 70 years of tractor models are displayed, along with original horse-drawn farm equipment, and low-mile vintage vehicles.... Read More
Explore the history behind the tractors! Many people come to our auctions, but few know the background of the items being sold. Mark Zemlicka takes us on a tour through his dad's antique tractor collection.... Read More
Clayton Zemlicka loved tractors, combines and other machinery. And over his career, he accumulated dozens of tractors that will be sold June 1 in a live Steffes Group auction.... Read More
April - 2018
Two unique 2016 Hagedorn 5440 Manure Spreaders sold well at the Holmberg Auction on Thursday, April 26th, along with many well-maintained ag equipment items.... Read More
A lineup of Steffes Group auctions typically includes tractors, combines, sprayers and other farm equipment. But this week’s auction of road grooving and striping equipment called for more specialized communication to a different buyer base. ... Read More
A colossal presence from a smaller but industrious crowd at the Swanston Auction today in Fargo. Former employees of the Swanston company had a chance to reconnect with each other as well as check out the equipment for sale to purchase for their own businesses. The Swanston Company has decided to refocus their interests and has partnered with us here at Steffes to give them a great auction on their striping equipment.... Read More
Spring has finally sprung! On Thursday April, 19th we shed our coats and soared past our sale expectations for the Riedman Farm and finally got a chance to enjoy the sun. ... Read More
A vintage John Deere tractor was just one of the sought after items for the Lyle & Karen Bettenhausen Farm Retirement Auction on Wednesday, April 18th. Bethany Kiedrowski was able to catch the dark horse that won the race for the tractor and talk to him about his purchase.... Read More
If Mother Nature won't give up neither will we! Our most recent batch of fresh snow did not stop us from having the Kerkvliet Farm Retirement Auction this Monday the 16th. A softer market for today, but some good buys over all. ... Read More
Now that the first quarter is behind us and we’re getting closer to planting time, it can be revealing to step back and assess the health of the farmland market. ... Read More
Exceptional low hour, late model John Deere tractors were the top of the heap for the Krejci auction on Thursday April 12th in East Grand Forks, MN. Farmers from all around the area and then some, lined up their cars for miles in order to make it to today's event.... Read More
Massive attendance for the Crapp Farm Equipment Auction in Lancaster, WI on Tuesday, April 3rd. The freezing rain did not stop one of our largest crowds from coming to this event.... Read More
Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 3.57.31 PM.png
Quite a few auction-goers had their eye on an older Case-IH tractor from the Johnson Farm Retirement Auction on Tuesday, April 10th. Our own Bethany Kiedrowski was there to catch one of the contending bidders on the tractor as well as other attendees. ... Read More
When the pace of farmland auctions picks up after a slow period, the first few major sales can reveal a lot about the marketplace. And so far, things are looking good for those with farmland to sell.... Read More
An unexpected item was the Belle of the Ball for the Korson Farm Retirement auction on Thursday April 5, 2018. Our own Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk with the couple and the auction-goers about what they were looking forward to for the event.... Read More
We had the privilege in being a part of the Leiseth family's new chapter in their retirement from farming in South Dakota, to ranching in Wyoming. On April 2 & 3rd we were down in Peever, SD to sell both their equipment and land, both days ending with exceeded expectations.... Read More
L 1.jpg
We welcomed a supportive crowd to the Hagensen auction on Tuesday March 27th. If there was one word to describe this event, it would be quality. Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk with Jim Hagensen and a few others who came to support the couple.... Read More
Our biggest on-site farm auction of 2018 was held just east of Breckenridge, MN for the Yaggie family on Thursday, March 29th. It was an intense day for us and the Yaggie family, having to sell a large amount of their equipment. But the partnership with the family was strong and, as a result, the auction was too.... Read More
March - 2018
One of the biggest farmland auctions we conducted was on Wednesday, March 28th in Lancaster, Wisconsin. A new town and a massive crowd made today's event even more monumental!... Read More
We welcomed a great crowd on a beautiful day on Tuesday, March 27th in Mapleton, ND. Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk to Jim, Anne, and the auction-goers.... Read More
“David approached the auction with the same commitment he and Mark always put into his crops,” said Steffes representative Brad Olstad. ... Read More
The auction of 2,050 acres of high-quality farmland in Grant County drew a standing-room-only crowd Wednesday, resulting in a purchase price of $17,621,800. Steffes Group marketed the property and conducted the auction.... Read More
Our AgIron Sioux Falls event was held Tuesday March 20th, out at the Steffes Group facility in Larchwood, Iowa. Our own Bethany Kiedrowski came out to the event to talk to both buyers and sellers.... Read More
agiron larchwood.JPG
A very supportive crowd showed up in Pingree, ND for David Glinz and Julene Steidl during the Steffes auction on Wednesday March 21st. Bethany Kiedrowski was there to talk with David, Julene, and their friends and family.... Read More
Our AgIron Litchfield event was held Thursday March 22nd out at the Steffes facility in Litchfield, MN. Our own Bethany Kiedrowski came out to the event to talk to both buyers and sellers.... Read More
The results surpassed the expectations of the seller. The six-hour auction attracted 48 bidders from six different states, and the competition resulted in prices well above the averages for the county. The largest tract – 466 acres... Read More
We sold 20 combines, 74 tractors, 946 acres and 79 loads of hay. Events included our AgIron West Fargo auction, which attracted 780 attendees onsite on a frigid day, with more than 1,010 others viewing the auction and buying online.... Read More
AgIron West Fargo was held Wednesday March 14th out at the West Fargo Fairground. Our own Bethany Kiedrowski came out to the event to talk to some buyers and sellers. If you are interested in auction results you can find them below. ... Read More
By all indications, 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for selling farmland. We saw it in Minnesota and Iowa, where the auction of 1,371 acres brought $10.2 million. And we saw it again on Wednesday March 7, in Faulk County, North Dakota, when a Steffes Group Auction of 2,117 acres brought more than $8.7 million.... Read More
The start of a new year often offers a bit of suspense as farmers and investors alike watch early land auctions for indications of strength. And based on two recent online auctions, the farmland market appears to be in very good health.... Read More
February - 2018
Market trends and observations plus guidance as to what lies ahead and perhaps a few predictions and analysis of what to expect in the upcoming markets throughout this new year.... Read More

Pdf Spring 2018 Market Trends

When a farmer retires after years of growing and marketing crops, it can be an enormous challenge to liquidate the many pieces of equipment used in the farm’s operations. Fortunately, a Steffes Group auction can streamline the process dramatically by selling tractors, harvest equipment, trucks, shop tools, and other assets in retirement auctions. Steffes retirement auctions are popular with farmers and their estates because of our consistent success.... Read More
“This is a once-in-a-generation event for most farming communities east of the Missouri River. You very rarely see so much contiguous farmland coming to public auction like this,” said Max Steffes, representative for the auction. “It took the Meier family more than 75 years to acquire the land that makes up this farm, and now someone can buy the entire operation in one day.”... Read More
Tract 1.JPG
Take advantage of the Steffes brand for your next auction.... Read More
January - 2018
A big day: First major farmland auction for 2018 brings more than $10.2 million.... Read More
01 IMG_2081.jpg
When the market is weak, it’s all the more important for farmers to get the best possible price on their products. That’s especially important in a major producer state like Minnesota, which consistently leads the Midwest in hay production.... Read More
Hay Auction0.jpg
January 25, Steffes Group has a unique land auction that includes over 1,300 acres of land (including tillable acres), a feedlot setup, commercial property options, hunting land, and a large-scale grain storage facility. The property locations are diverse, but given the weather and range of distances, the central auction location will be at the Riverview Green Golf Course in Stewartville, MN. According to Randy Kath, Steffes Group auctioneer, “Not much land has changed hands in this region for a while, so we expect to see a lot of interest from farmers and investors.”... Read More
Dave Mowitz, from Successful Farming TV, stopped by AgIron to film a feature for a recently aired television program. ... Read More
December - 2017
With a variety of accommodations for live and online auctions, the new Steffes Group auction pavilion and grounds in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa addresses the variety of needs for efficiency and comfort for sale attendees. Built on 40 acres of land at the intersection of two major highways, this new facility offers increased equipment security, visibility, technology and convenience in addition to a venue for ag buyers and sellers to connect. ... Read More
Steffes Group, engaged in the business of selling land and the equipment to farm it, held their traditional AgIron auction Wednesday, November 29 at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, North Dakota. The auction commenced at 10:00 AM sharp and soon 4 auction rings were engaged in selling over 800 lots with the auction completed by 3:45 PM. ... Read More
artivle cover.jpg
November - 2017
If you have excess equipment to sell, what are your options?... Read More
AgIron WF July, 2014 004.jpg
603+/- Acres Sold by Steffes Group, Inc.... Read More
cover pgoto.jpg
SOLD! 154 Acre Farmstead in Fulton County, IL that has been in the Stout family since 1835. View the final sold price for both tracts while enjoying a little piece of family history.... Read More
01 DJI_0007 (2)_Resized2.jpg
October - 2017
Market trends and observations plus guidance as to what lies ahead and perhaps a few predictions and analysis of what to expect in the upcoming markets through the end of the year and into the Spring of 2018.... Read More

Pdf Winter 2017 Market Trends Download

September - 2017
Over 10 Land Auctions This Fall! From Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and over to Illinois... Read More
August - 2017
Ruth V. Swisher Revocable Trust - Iowa City, Iowa Commercial Real Estate Auction sold today for $2,900,000. ... Read More
July - 2017
Images of our new Mt. Pleasant Auction facility as of July 24th. ... Read More
Read this story to see our hay auction results from 7/18/17... Read More
June - 2017
GF county 1.JPG
Results from the Steffes Group Hay Auction that was held Tuesday June 20th, the next hay auction is Tuesday July 28th. ... Read More
View past pictures and on upcoming AgIron Event Auctions dates.... Read More
May - 2017
This footage was gathered at the Robert Hilton Estate and Louise Hilton Farm Equipment Auction in Bowman, ND.... Read More

Video Video Available

January - 2017
Find out the Fall/Winter Market Trends on Heavy Equipment, Land and Cash Rents, Hay, and More... Read More

Pdf Spring 2017 Market Trends Download

December - 2016
November - 2016
Watch the auction action from November 15, 2016.... Read More
October - 2016
Find out the Fall/Winter Market Trends on Heavy Equipment, Land and Cash Rents, Hay, and More... Read More

Pdf Winter 2016 Market Update Download

Watch the auction action from September 29, 2016, where the Steffes Group of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa sold at auction 7.43 Acres of development land located in the growing community of North Liberty, IA.... Read More
September - 2016
Check out our company video here!!... Read More
June - 2016
Steffes Group Sells Iowa Farmland for $12,300/acre... Read More
...we now have an App for Bidding on LIVE ON-SITE Auctions!... Read More
April - 2016
Click here to order yours today!... Read More
February - 2016
Find out the Spring Market Trends on Heavy Equipment, Land & Cash Rents, Hay, and More.... Read More

Pdf Spring 2016 Market Update Downloadable File

This footage was gathered at the Robert Hilton Estate & Louise Hilton Farm Equipment Auction in Bowman, ND.... Read More
Where did Auctions begin?... Read More
January - 2016
Check out West Fargo's AgIron Event Video from July 30th, 2014. ... Read More
video thumbnail.png
November - 2015
This auction was July 29th, 2015 at the West Fargo Fairgrounds. ... Read More

Video Video Available

August - 2015
Find out the Spring Market Trends on Heavy Equipment, Land & Cash Rents...... Read More

Pdf Document available

Click here to order yours today!... Read More
April - 2015
View pictures from GEORGE MORRELL DICKSON ESTATE & MARK DICKSON Auction here...... Read More
February - 2015
...top 20 bid calling competitors in the expert division were determined and will move on to compete at the Iowa State Fair on August 18th, 2015... Read More
IAA (2).jpg
December - 2014
We spent the day ringing the bell at Scheels All Sports in Fargo, ND.... Read More
November - 2014
Find out how to use our new website in full capacity here. ... Read More
Having problems viewing our Live-Webcast with your Samsung tablet? ... Read More
October - 2014
View the Flyover Video of the Cooley Land & Real Estate Auction... Read More
Auction Location: 27480 358th St. Browerville, MN 56438. From Browerville: 1 mile east on Cty. Rd. 14, 3 miles north on Cty. Rd. 16, north Cty. Rd. 16, north on 18, then east on 358th St. ... Read More
September - 2014
Mill Iron Creek Ranch – Lyman County, SD 4,370+/- Contiguous Acres To be offered in 7 tracts (view the lot listings tab for complete information) Edna Township 45 miles North of Winner, SD and 65 miles SE of Pierre, SD... Read More
August - 2014
Bidding just got easier. ... Read More
online auction.png
June - 2014
Find out how to get yours today!... Read More
January - 2014
2013 Auction Price Guides are now available for order.... Read More