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Hear Them Cry? Christmas Trees Are Like Babies!


Hear Them Cry? Christmas Trees Are Like Babies!
December 2023

Nestled in the heart of Morris, Minnesota, lies a festive sanctuary where Christmas trees are not just grown but deeply cherished. Wayne-n-Jean's Evergreens is more than a farm—it's a living archive of family heritage and holiday spirit. The journey of this beloved farm is as rich and complex as the soil that nourishes their precious evergreens.

The story of Wayne and Jean's farm is a tapestry woven with threads of past and present. From the family's roots just a mile down the road, where Wayne's great-grandfather lived. In the beginning, Wayne and Jean were engaged in selling feeder pigs, but inspiration struck when they saw another farmer raising trees. They planted their first seeds of change in 1995 and sold their inaugural Christmas trees in 2000.

Wayne Lesmeister, the founder, recounts how the farm was once overrun and needed a new direction. They decided to plant eight acres of evergreens, a decision that sprouted into the family legacy it is today. It takes about eight years for each tree to reach maturity—a testament to the patience and care invested by the family. This diligence has shaped a business that honors the land's history, from finding Native American artifacts while digging to crafting new family traditions.

The Steffes Spotlight video dives deep into the farm's evolution and the family's unyielding commitment to their evergreens. It explores how Wayne's philosophy of treating each tree like a child has permeated every aspect of their work. The farm is a close-knit operation, with each family member playing a pivotal role—from Wayne-n-Jean's foundational labor to their son Lloyd and his wife Courtney, who injected new vitality into the business.

Wayne and Jean's Evergreens is not just a farm; it's a place where history intertwines with the present, where every tree tells a story, and where every customer becomes part of the family narrative. As the seasons change and the trees continue to grow, the Lesmeister family invites you to become part of their story.

For a truly immersive experience and to learn more about the rich tapestry that is Wayne and Jean's Evergreens, we encourage you to watch the latest Steffes Spotlight episode. It's not just a viewing; it's an invitation to witness the full story of dedication, love, and Christmas spirit that only this family can tell. Watch the video here to see the living legacy of Wayne and Jean's Evergreens!