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Steffes Spotlight – Have You Subscribed Yet?

Steffes Spotlight

Steffes Spotlight – Have You Subscribed Yet?

Have you checked out our new YouTube series, Steffes Spotlight? In this series, we feature a variety of different people, topics, and stories – all connected to the agriculture and construction world.

Steffes Group’s core belief is that every auction we perform is unique and has a story to be told. We launched Steffes Spotlight because we also believe each individual person has a distinctive story of their own. No matter how big or small, a story is a connection point every human can relate to. We believe you have a story, and it's our mission to help share it.


Steffes Spotlight |PACK your bags: Life as a SUITCASE farmer

133 years of farming! That's how long the Erickson family has been working the land in East Valley Township in Minnesota. They've seen a lot of changes over the years, including having to pack their suitcases, but one thing has stayed the same: their dedication to hard work and the Erickson legacy or, as they say, #PutYourNameOnIt. This video takes a look at what life is like for the Ericksons as they continue their tradition of suitcase farming. It's not always easy, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Steffes Spotlight |Destined to be a Farmer

The Larson Family farm cares deeply about their rural roots and raising livestock ethically. Their story began in 1892 with Noah Schrock, and over 130 years later, the family farming style and legacy continue into the fifth generation of farmers. When the flood of 2008 pushed the family out of their original homestead, the only way forward was to innovate, and Our Yesterday Farm was born. Join us as the Larson Family shares their love and passion for taking the old way of farming into a new era.


Steffes Spotlight |She got ATTACKED by a billy goat

Would you believe us if we told you that Richard Realty and Auction started all because of a billy goat? Follow Lynn, Karen, and Chris Richard and see how they built their auction company from the ground up in 1984, to making the decision to combine with Steffes Group, a company with the same values, 28 years later.


Steffes Spotlight |How Cow Insemination REALLY works (Polzin Part 2)

Introducing Polzin Cattle and Polzin Embryo Center. Chris and Leslie began Polzin Cattle in 2008. Chris grew up raising Simmental cattle with his family. After graduating from college Chris started raising Charolais cattle. Leslie, as a child grew up in Southern California and moved to Minnesota. She has enjoyed every minute of the "farm life." We have two daughters, Brooke and Desirae, and a son Colton who have enjoyed being around the cattle.


Steffes Spotlight |Grocery Store Shopping Doesn’t Get Better Than THIS!

Local farm to local grocery store. The Ditterich family uses their knowledge of raising quality beef products to start a successful grocery store in the heart of Vergas, Minnesota. The Ditterich family prides themselves on being a family-owned store that offers quality local products. Take a look at their example of community innovation and passion!


Steffes Spotlight |Avoided Bankruptcy – Now Gillespie Family Farms Thrives

Started over 80 years ago, Gillespie Family Farms has faced more challenges than most residents of Johnson, MN. Watch to learn how this small-town family avoided bankruptcy in the 80's, and have turned their farm into a thriving business for generations to come.


Steffes Spotlight |The TRUTH about LIVE auctions

The TRUTH about live auctions is, we love them! Nothing beats a good live sale day. Live auctions are how we started, and they continue to bring excitement and energy for buyers, sellers, and our auction staff. Auctions are exciting and create a rush of adrenaline that often drives people to bid more.

Do you like the idea of a live auction, but want to ability to reach the world with a timed online auction? Operating in unison with our online bidding platform, our tried and true live auction process will give you all the feel and nostalgia of listening to the auctioneer while also reaching a global audience.

Come experience a live auction through the lens of Steffes. We caught up with a bunch of LIVE auction attendees who shared their love for live auctions including first-timer Eddie!


Steffes Spotlight | A Family Livestock Business Teaching Entrepreneurship (Polzin Part 1)

In this episode, we venture down to Darwin, Minnesota to visit with the Polzin family. What started as a cattle embryo business has expanded to each Polzin kid taking on a business of their own from goats to pigs.


Steffes Spotlight | A Passion for Antique Tractors (The Story of the Iowa WMT Tractorcade)

In this episode, we travel to West Liberty, Iowa for the 23rd Annual WMT Tractorcade event. Antique tractor collectors travel near and far to attend this community event! We spoke with some very passionate folks – believe us when we say we captured some very unique stories so check it out!


Steffes Spotlight | A Timeless Treasure (Century Farm & Antique Tractors)

In this episode, we take a trip down memory lane to visit the Melcher’s century farm and we were surprised by Mel Melcher’s antique tractor collection. Join us as we explore the history behind his vast collection and hear the stories behind them, along with some history of the century farm.


We are always looking for a great story or a topic you want to spotlight. Send us an email with your ideas at SteffesSpotlight@SteffesGroup.com and be sure to check back regularly because we have more stories planned for you to enjoy!