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Equipment Continues Strong as Auctions Line Up for Summer and Fall

June 2020

Equipment Continues Strong as Auctions Line Up for Summer and Fall


If you’re planning to sell assets this summer or fall, the market is still excellent. And we, at Steffes Group, still have room on the calendar for more auctions. But the company already has more than 130 auctions lined up for summer and early fall, so if you plan to sell assets, it’s a good idea to go ahead and contact us now. 


Many currently scheduled are farm retirement auctions featuring equipment, but others include farmland, construction equipment, and other assets. 


“All of our auctions, for now, are online because those enable us to promote assets to a broad market and get fair market prices. Our online platform also insulates our buyers and sellers from any infection risk. Yet it delivers the results we’ve come to expect with the Steffes live auction process. Please watch our website as we hopefully return to the live auction process,” said Scott Steffes, president of the company. 


“In the meantime, after eleven years of selling assets online, our buyers and sellers alike understand the online format and are comfortable with it,” he said. 


“We continue to see amazing demand for farm equipment -- especially late model equipment that has been well-maintained,” said Steffes. 


Steffes noted that all equipment offered at our auctions are available for inspection, with detailed descriptions of each piece. “Prices on most assets have continued to be strong, with some late model, high quality equipment selling at remarkably high prices,” he said. 


To speak with a Steffes representative, visit SteffesGroup.com, where you’ll find full contact information for all of our ND, MN, IA, SD, & NE representatives. It’s a good idea to start with someone near your location. 


When you decide to sell at a Steffes auction, our team will swing into action creating marketing materials and staging your assets both online and where they are located. For example, if you’re selling equipment in a retirement auction, one of our experts will evaluate the equipment and help you prepare it for auction. Others will create a marketing program just for you. 


We look forward to working with you!


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