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Live Auction Webcast/Adobe Flash Issue
MARCH 2019

Live Auction Webcast/Adobe Flash Issue

We want to take a moment to inform you about the problems we encountered with bidders attempting to access our live auction webcasts this week. The problems included:
  1. Clicking into the webcast but only encountering a blank page with no way to reach the auction.
  2. Clicking into the webcast prompted some bidders to update Adobe Flash and sometimes it would not, which would not allow them into the auction because our webcasts run on Adobe Flash. (Mobile devices are the exception. Mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones require our Steffes app for live online bidding.)

Our investigation lead us to an update Google Chrome performed that starts a process of eliminating support for Adobe Flash (which is currently required to run our live auction webcasts). The current update should prompt you to allow Adobe Flash to run, but if you close your Google Chrome browser it will reset and you'll need to enable Adobe Flash to run the next time you open the browser.

  1. If attempting to access a live auction webcast and Adobe Flash is not up-to-date or enabled, a popup at the top of your browser SHOULD ask you to update Adobe Flash or allow it to run. There have also been instances where this popup does not show up, but if you restart Google Chrome once or twice it seems to eventually show up. (Examples above)
We continue to suggest using Google Chrome to access our auctions even with these current updates. If you’d like to install Google Chrome please click here or go to the bottom of our website and in the footer there will be a link to “Download Chrome”.

If you require assistance with Google Chrome or how to access our live auction webcasts please give us a call anytime. Our tech team are more than happy to assist you. Please call 701.365.0443, Monday – Friday, from 8AM-5PM.

Steffes Group Team