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Steffes AgIron Goes Online

Whether Live or Online, Steffes AgIron Auctions Bring Farmers Together

August 23rd, Steffes Group will host one of its widely followed AgIron auctions in Mt. Pleasant, IA. With scores of pieces of equipment. Buyers and sellers alike will gather early, swap ideas, and compare notes about every aspect of agriculture.

Sure, the machines are the main event, but in the 26 years since our first AgIron Auction, the events have grown into something more, serving almost as a convention of sorts. Sure, a lot of “iron” changes hands. But as buyers are hauling their new gear back home, many are also taking something more with them – insights that can only be gained from knowing and talking with their peers.

“We’ve been having about 15 live events a year, rotating among five different locations, each lasting four to six hours with two to four rings. So the bidding itself is a major undertaking, and we have bidders who’ve loyally attended for years.  Over time, these farmers have become friends. They share meals, get to know each other’s families, and share their knowledge about everything from crop insights to commodity prices to equipment and techniques. Everybody wins,” said President Scott Steffes.

Starting in September, Steffes Group will extend the well-known AgIron brand to its online auctions, which are now being held twice a month.

“It’s a natural step to integrate the live and online AgIron auctions. They’re really just two different ways of accomplishing the same result. The auction method (whether live or online) finds the current market price for each piece. AgIron auctions provide an efficient marketplace for sellers and buyers alike. And live and online formats help farmers communicate with each other, which is always a positive thing,” said Steffes.

The live auctions will continue to play a key role in selling equipment that can be brought to a central location (one of the company’s five auction locations), then transported by the buyers. AgIron Online continues to provide a marketplace for equipment that exists in various locations.

“Sometimes, depending on where the machinery is and how much it costs to move it, the online auction format can be more cost-effective. Both have their place, and integrating the brand to include both formats gives Steffes Group bidders and sellers the best of both worlds,” Steffes said.

Contact your local representative for more details and to discuss the best options for your equipment: Steffes Group Representatives


Upcoming AgIron Online Closing Dates

9/12/18 at 10AM

9/26/18 at 10AM

10/10/18 at 10AM

10/24/18 at 10AM

11/14/18 at 10AM

11/28/18 at 10AM