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Unique Land Auction on the Horizon

Unique Land Opportunity

Coming up on Thursday, January 25, Steffes Group has a unique land auction that includes over 1,300 acres of land. It includes tillable acres, a feedlot setup, commercial property options, hunting land, and a large-scale grain storage facility. The property locations are diverse, but given the weather and range of distances, the central auction location will be at the Riverview Green Golf Course in Stewartville, MN. According to Randy Kath, Steffes Group auctioneer, “Not much land has changed hands in this region for a while, so we expect to see a lot of interest from farmers and investors.”

The variety of tracts within this sale make it unique. “The location of several pieces, in addition to the land improvements from ditching and tiling, to quality outbuildings, and thoughtful layouts means these pieces of land can be used for a variety of operations,” says Kath. Included are tracts of land and facilities that may be of interest for:

A grain storage and handling facility, “on this scale is both unusual and rare,” says Kath. A former elevator operation is a part of this auction and located in Lane, SD. While it no longer offers rail access, this impressive facility has a grain handling and storage capacity of 800,000 bushels in addition to offering a drive-over weigh station, fuel station, and offices.

According to Kath, “This type of turn-key, modern facility is extremely rare and would cost several million dollars to build new.” Due to its location and the wide interest this property is bound to create, this facility will only be available as a timed online auction.

Tillable farm acres make up the bulk of the land auction:

    Tract 1 with 137 acres in Fillmore County, MN

    Tract 3 with 40 acres in Fillmore County, MN

    Tract 4 with 80 acres in Fillmore County, MN

    Tract 5 with 76 acres in Fillmore County, MN

    Tract 6 with 39 acres in Mower County, MN

    Tract 7 with 250 acres in Mower County, MN

    Tract 8 with just under 75 acres in Mower County, MN

    Tract 9 with 64 acres in Mower County, MN

    Tract 10 with 144 acres in Mower County, MN

    Tract 11 with 200 acres in Mower County, MN

    Tract 12 with 150 acres in Mower County, MN

“While they range in acreage size, these are great pieces of farmland, some quite large, that have been upgraded with tile and ditching for raising small grains,” says Kath. He explains that prices on these productive acres may vary greatly depending on the interest of local farmers and investors.

Commercial enterprises, however, may give farmers and investors competition for these acres. Several tracts are located along the interstate or highway corridor, giving businesses easy access to customer traffic and merchandise transportation. The properties may bring larger price tags simply because of their versatility or, as Kath explains, “Sometimes it’s more about the location of the property and not the productivity that can increase competition for land.”

    Tract 2 offers modern outbuildings and Highway 63 access with 19 acres for both commercial or livestock production.

    Tract 7 boasts Interstate 90 frontage, increasing its business investment and commercial appeal with a large 250 acre spread in addition to tillable farm acreage.

    Tract 13 offers a variety of options with 65 acres of both riverland and direct access to Highway 63. It also includes older outbuildings, as well as, potential hunting land.

Feedlot, hobby farm, or commercial enterprises may be interested in Tract 2 which is conveniently bordered by Highway 63 and includes a total of 19 acres. Having evaluated numerous similar facilities “this property and its buildings were developed right,” Kath explains. “There was a lot of thought put into the ease of movement for cattle and water placement. Plus, with all the modern buildings, including a large 20-foot sidewall machine shed, there is an opportunity for a great hobby farm with other livestock or a commercial enterprise.”

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the two tracts of land available in Howard County, IA. Tracts 13 and 14 offer direct access to the river just outside of Chester, IA. “This land would be ideal for someone looking for a great hunting land or getaway spot,” explains Kath. With some heavy woods and beautiful scenery, Tract 14 consists of mostly riverfront land, whereas Tract 13 combines a variety of riverfront and grassland or pasture.

Knowledge is power

“We often say, ‘an informed buyer is a happy buyer’ at Steffes Group,” says Kath. Which is why buyers are encouraged to check out the full information about these tracts on the Land & Real Estate Auction section of our website where they can find tax statements, soil and topography maps, and crop history information. Plus, you can get all your information and details lined up in advance of the online and live auctions so you’re ready to bid and buy.