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AgIron Takes the Legwork Out of Selling Equipment

If you have excess equipment to sell, what are your options? You could take an ad out in the local paper or post it on an equipment sales website, but these are very time-consuming options. Steffes Group created the AgIron events to help people sell their equipment efficiently and effectively. Because time is a valued commodity, we can bring the buyers to you. With over a dozen AgIrons each year, in four states, we reach a broad audience.

Our first AgIron event was held in West Fargo, ND in 1992. Since then, we have expanded our auction sites to Litchfield, MN; Sioux Falls, SD; Ames and Mt. Pleasant, IA. Events are held in the Spring, Summer, and Fall at each location.

Changes in the market and the necessity of using assets in the most efficient manner may require sellers to trade equipment or turn underutilized resources into cash. AgIron provides that opportunity. It also offers the chance for buyers to purchase during the off-season when pricing is more attractive.

Our process is simple. Contact our office, give us a description of your equipment, and one of our professionals will discuss value based on our experience and knowledge. We have a large database of equipment sales history available and can assist you in making the best decision for your situation. We believe that auctions offer the purest price discovery available. Let us assist you in deciding if AgIron is the best fit for you.

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