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Why can't I hear the audio?

1) Make sure you are logged into the Webcast.

2) Make sure the auction is in progress.

3) Make sure audio is available.

4) Make sure that your audio button reads "Stop Audio." If the button reads "Play Audio," select the button to unmute your audio and the button will change to "Stop Audio."

5) Make sure your volume is turned up and that your speakers are turned on.

6) If these steps do not work, refresh your page.

I Want to Start Bidding, Now What?

I Want to Start Bidding. Now What?

1) "Register to Bid" (to learn how to do this, see "How Do I Register?" in FAQ's)

2) "Request to Bid" for the sale you are interested in.

3) Accept Auction Terms for the auction.

4) Once you are Approved to Bid, click on the "Enter Auction" button (will appear in place of Approval Pending text). You will now be directed into the Live Webcast Auction.

Webcast Auction Troubleshooting Guide

I'm logged in but I can't get into the Webcast

1) Verify that you are logged into the system

2) Verify that you have requested to bid for the auction you want to participate in. To do this, find the auction under Auction Home and select Request to Bid.

3) Make sure the auction is open.  If the auction is open, you will be able to click “Enter Auction” to enter the Webcast.

4) If you click "Enter Auction" and your screen is blank, please verify that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash.

5) If you click Enter Auction and you receive a network error message, please make sure you are connected to the internet and that port 1935 is open on your firewall.

How to place a bid on a Live Auction?

How to Place A Bid

To Bid in a Live Webcast Auction:

The Webcast Auction will open during the scheduled time, and you will be able to bid live by clicking the "Enter Auction" button. Once you select "Enter Auction," you will be directed to the webcast and will be able to bid on your desired lot when it becomes available by clicking the Bid button.

Why can't I bid?

1) Log into your Account. 

2) Verify that you are approved to bid for the auction that you are interested in bidding at.

3) If you are logged into the webcast, make sure the auction has started and bids are being placed by others.

4) If you are logged into the Webcast and the auction has started, make sure that the bid  button doesn’t say View Mode.  If the bid button does say “View Mode”, you are logged in as a viewer and not a bidder. To correct this, exit out of the Webcast and click on "Enter Auction."

5) If you are still having problems bidding, please contact technical support at (800)726-8609 and a representative will assist you.

How do I choose my lots if I win a choice round?
If you are bidding on and end up winning a choice round, your screen will then display the choice lots that make up the round. You will be prompted to select your items by checking the boxes beside the appropriate lot(s). After you have selected your lots, click the "Submit Selection" button and the Auctioneer will receive your choice(s).