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Steffes Spotlight Mason Holvoet

From Mimicking to Mastering: Mason’s Journey to Auction Success

June 2023

In this edition of Steffes Spotlight, we introduce you to Mason Holvoet, the youngest sales representative at Steffes Auctioneers. Mason's passion for the auction business began at a remarkably young age, as he accompanied his father and grandfather to auction sales, playfully imitating the auctioneer's rapid-fire chant.

Driven by his love for the industry, Mason established his own auction business called "Premiere Auction & Sales" during his high school years. However, he soon realized the importance of expanding his network and developing a professional foundation, leading him to join our Steffes team.

Mason's youthful energy and unwavering dedication to his craft make him an exceptional representative for Steffes Auctioneers. With his deep-rooted knowledge of the auction business and commitment to providing top-notch service, Mason is a valuable resource for clients looking to buy or sell real estate in Iowa.

Mason's story is sure to inspire and entertain.

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