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Top Land Auctions from 2022

Top Land Auctions

Top Land Auctions from 2022
January 2023

Throughout 2022, Steffes Group held over 164 land auctions across 8 states, including Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Montana. Land values climbed to near record-setting prices in many auctions across the Midwest late in the year. Of the over 33,000 acres sold, here are the top land auctions from 2022.


Ida & Cherokee County, IA Land Auction: $20,000/acre

Walsh County, ND Land Auction: $14,000/acre

Traill County, ND Land Auction: $8,300/acre

Perkins County, SD Land Auction: $2,600/acre

Linn County, IA Land Auction: $18,025/acre

Dunn County, ND Land Auction: $2,600/acre

Laramie County, WY Land Auction:$1,510/acre

Mahaska County, IA Land Auction: $14,200/acre

Washington County, IA Land & Acreage Auction: $10,925/acre

Marshall County, IA Land Auction: $13,750/acre

Des Moines County, IA Land Auction: $16,250/acre

Des Moines River Farm LLC Land Auction: $11,500/acre

Traverse County, MN Land & Farmstead Auction: $6,352.50/acre

McLeod County, MN Tillable Land Auction: $9,240/acre


Steffes Group had an incredible year with many record-breaking land auctions in 2022. These auctions not only resulted in high sale prices for the landowners but also drew attention to the value and potential of the land throughout the Midwest. As we move into 2023, now is a great time for landowners to consider selling their property. The demand for land remains high, and with the expertise of Steffes Group, landowners can be assured that they will receive the best possible price for their land. If you’re considering selling your land in the coming year, contact a local representative to explore your options with Steffes Group today!