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Spurley Dairy Farm Retirement Auction

Spurley Dairy Farm Retirement

Spurley Dairy Farm Retirement Auction
October 2022

Dan and Cheryl Spurley started their dairy operation in 1987 with 16 head of springing heifers. Since then, they have successfully increased their herd size to what it is today.

Helping as Herdsman and many other operational duties on the farm is their daughter, Brittany Spurley-Clay, and her husband, Michael, along with their son Everett.

After a semester in Spain in 2010, Brittany returned to the farm, and their herd went from 250 to 500 cows. “It was an accumulation of me coming back to the farm and my brother coming back to the farm,” said Brittany Spurley.

The Spurley family tries to focus on reproduction. “We want cows that are going to produce. I don’t want cows sitting here milking none. Give me an evil eye, try to kick me, I mean, if you are the repeated kicker, you are not going to stay around either,” said Brittany Spurley.

As many farmers know, you never get a day off on a dairy farm. Except Brittany had a few when she had her son Everett, but she didn’t let having a C-section stop her from getting chores done on the farm. Watch the full video below to see how she managed to have a baby and still work on the farm!



Dan & Cheryl Spurley have decided to retire from the dairy business and will sell their cattle and equipment in 3 different auctions on November 1st, November 15th, and November 29th.


Spurley Dairy Farm Retirement Cattle Auction – Part 1

Selling on November 1st will be 1,000 head of dairy cattle, including over 800 milking cows, 100 dry cows, and springing heifers. Cows are milking 90 lbs/day, 3.8 fat, 3.1 protein, and 200 SCC.


Spurley Dairy Farm Retirement Cattle Auction – Part 2

Selling November 15th will be approximately 800 dairy replacement heifers. This has been a closed herd since 2012 with an intense vaccination program. All A.I. sired bulls excel in health traits and production.


Spurley Dairy Farm Retirement Equipment Auction

Selling November 29th will be farm, construction, dairy, and feedlot equipment as well as a milking parlor, free stalls, water fountains, fans, and a 624’x166’ Red Iron free stall building to be removed.