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Every Auction Has A Story...

Every Auction Has a StoryEvery Auction Has A Story...
Why Telling the Story is So Important 
September 2022

“Every Auction Has a Story” follows our core belief that every auction we perform is unique and has a story to be told.

At its core, a story is all about connection and communication. Every single person has a story to tell whether they believe they do or not. Stories are a way to help understand one another. When we hear others’ stories, we tend to understand and empathize with the subjects in the story. After all, who doesn’t love a good story?

Storytelling happens every day. It’s the relationship point between you and a neighbor, a friend, a business owner, or a potential buyer. A story is something that draws emotion of all kinds. Stories are the glue binding generations of businesses like the Steffes Group or a farmstead that’s been passed down for centuries, or a proud family-owned construction business passing the reigns to future leaders.

By sharing your personal story, people not only get to know you better, but you can add value to them by sharing your journey, successes, and failures alike.

“I think you learn from stories. - No don’t do that, I will tell you a story. Do this, let me tell you a story. I think it’s important that we tell the stories on what works and what doesn’t work,” said Max Steffes, West Fargo Site Leader.

If your farm or construction business has been in the family for generations, odds are you understand the importance of storytelling. You’ve most likely heard a story about how your grandfather, or someone generations before you, started the company or bought the land to farm.

As a seller who trusts the Steffes Group with your auction, you will experience first-hand the benefits of telling your story. Sharing your experience allows other potential buyers to find a connection point to you (the seller). How many times have you bought something online or at a farmer’s market just because you felt a connection to the brand or person selling the product?

In a world driven by technology, the access people have to be able to hear auction stories are endless. Wholesome feel-good stories engage audiences.

“There is a realization that every farm has a farm history. Every piece of land has a lot of family heritage associated with it. People want to be heard. They have pride in what their families have built, so there is a story to tell. Let Steffes Group tell that story because, ultimately, storytelling sells. It sells that particular piece of equipment, it sells the farm,” said Max Steffes.

Rather than showing people a white piece of paper on how great your farm equipment is, or only displaying a picture - tell them a story about what the numbers mean and express how much pride and joy the old John Deere tractor brought you. Share a story about how using this piece of equipment brought the family together.

Are you ready to start the next stage in your life? We understand that it’s hard to let go of what you’ve spent your whole life building. We know how important it is for you and your family to make the right decision. Trust Steffes Group to guide you through the process.

Every Auction has A Story, Let us Share Yours.