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Introducing: Steffes Spotlight

Steffes Spotlight

Introducing: Steffes Spotlight
July 2022

Welcome to our new vlog series, Steffes Spotlight! In this series, we feature a variety of different people, topics, and stories – all connected to the agriculture and construction world. Steffes Group’s core belief is that every auction we perform is unique and has a story to be told. We launched Steffes Spotlight because we also believe each individual person has a distinctive story of their own. No matter how big or small, a story is a connection point every human can relate to. We believe you have a story and it's our mission to help share your story.

Steffes Spotlight: Ep. 4 | A Family Livestock Business Teaching Entrepreneurship (Polzin Part 1)

In this episode, we venture down to Darwin, Minnesota to visit with the Polzin family. What started as a cattle embryo business has expanded to each Polzin kid taking on a business of their own from goats to pigs.


Steffes Spotlight: Ep. 3 | A Passion for Antique Tractors (The Story of the Iowa WMT Tractorcade)

In this episode, we travel to West Liberty, Iowa for the 23rd Annual WMT Tractorcade event. Antique tractor collectors travel near and far to attend this community event! We spoke with some very passionate folks – believe us when we say we captured some very unique stories so check it out!


Steffes Spotlight: Ep. 2 | The Evolution of the Auction (Then vs. Now)

In this episode, Bob Steffes, Founder of Steffes Group, sits down with his grandson, Max Steffes, Site Leader at our West Fargo, ND facility to talk about the evolution of auctions from 1960 to now with KFGO radio host Rusty Halvorson. The team at Steffes Group respects and learns from the history of the auction method when Bob started the business and is excited about the future of the industry and the opportunities that technology brings so we can grow alongside it.


Steffes Spotlight: Ep. 1 | A Timeless Treasure (Century Farm & Antique Tractors)

In this episode, we take a trip down memory lane to visit the Melcher’s century farm and we were surprised by Mel Melcher’s antique tractor collection. Join us as we explore the history behind his vast collection and hear the stories behind them, along with some history of the century farm.


We are always looking for a great story or a topic you want to spotlight. Send us an email with your ideas at SteffesSpotlight@SteffesGroup.com and be sure to check back regularly because we have more stories planned for you to enjoy!