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Celebrate National Auctioneers Week With Us

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Celebrate National Auctioneers Week With Us

April 2021

Welcome to National Auctioneers Week! Our team likes to use this week to celebrate the awesome things we are doing in the industry and for our communities and educate on value we believe we provide to our buyers and sellers. To kick it off, we wanted to share some fun facts about Steffes Group and give details on our social media trivia contest for the week!

5 Things You May Not Know About Steffes Group

  1. The Steffes Group colors used to be shades of blue instead of our famous red.
  2. Our first auction was for Felix Rode in ND on April 26, 1960 and had a total of 36 lots for the entire auction.
  3. We sold a 1908 KisselKar E Tourabout in 1990, when there were fewer than 150 complete Kissel autos in existence.
  4. To date, our longest auction lasted 17 hours: starting at 9AM and going until 2AM the next day.
  5. The largest auction we have held was in 2012 for Keith Johnson, a Mobil distributor as well as a life-long collector of cars and all things Americana. The auction had over 1,000 lots and was a 2-day event.

Bonus fun fact: Scott Steffes, President of Steffes Group, was the 1995 International Auctioneer Champion. You can see him in action here:

Social Media Trivia

We are giving you a chance every day this week to win a $50 Visa gift card by visiting our Facebook or Instagram page and commenting on our post with your best guess for the question of the day. We will select a random winner each day by replying to their comment on the post, which will notify them on Facebook or Instagram. We will also be emailing and calling the winner.

Everyone is allowed to submit one guess each day. The $50 Visa gift card will be mailed to the winner at the end of the week. Be sure to check back every day for a new question. Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages now for today’s question! Links below:

Steffes Group Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SteffesGroup or search using our handle @SteffesGroup

Steffes Group Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/steffesgroup/ or search using our handle @steffesgroup

Good luck!