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What It’s Like to Work at Steffes Group

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What It’s Like to Work at Steffes Group
April 2021

Steffes Group has been in business for over 60 years and has seen tremendous growth with the number of auctions we do and team members we have added. As we continue to grow into new markets and areas in our industry, we look for new team members to help get us there! We’re proud that our staff is seasoned in both the auction industry and “The Steffes Way” and we wanted to know what they love about working here.

What it’s like to work on our sales team

Our sales team is driven by customer success and we know that the customer is at the core of everything we do. We built our sales team on trust. They say what they do and do what they say. When asked “Why Steffes Group?”, Scott Gillespie, Sales Representative based out of our Litchfield, MN office, said “If there was a better auction company in the world to work for, my resume would be with them, so clearly there isn’t” which speaks to the passion and loyalty we see in our sales representatives.  

Our sales representatives can expect to find their drive from the strong relationships they build with our sellers. Everything they work for is leading up to that auction day and the hard work and fun that comes with it is what’s rewarding. “I tell folks all the time there’s a job, a career and a way of life. Working for Steffes is a way of life and the people here take that really seriously” Tim Meyer, Site Lead in our Mt. Pleasant, IA office told us. Tim works closely with his sales team and sees the hard work they put in.

Ben Hochgraber, one of our newer Sales Representatives in our Sioux Falls, SD office talked to us about what drew him to working at Steffes Group: "I have known of Steffes Group and the Steffes family since I was little. Bob Steffes was the driving force behind my grandfather and father deciding to use Steffes when we sold our farm back in 1989. I have always had an interest in the ag world and kept an eye on Steffes as they were a ‘hometown’ company who treated customers well, did what was right, and continued to grow in new areas in the auction world."

What it’s like to work on our auction support team

Our auctions continue to run smoothly, thanks to our auction support team. These team members consist of accountants, graphic designers, marketing coordinators, title coordinators, administrative support, IT and more. They work behind the scenes in the weeks leading up to the auction, as well as auction day, to ensure everything is in place. They also coordinate all post-sale activities to ensure a timely transfer of items.

When asked her favorite part about working at Steffes Group, Lisa Zerr, our Title Coordinator in our West Fargo, ND office, answered “My coworkers, hands down! They are like a second family.” Our auction support team is a high-functioning team that works closely together to provide the best experience for our sellers. “The atmosphere of doing all we can to help our sellers have the best auction is my favorite part about working here. Everyone is passionate about the story of each auction and making sure it’s a great experience.” says Amanda Nelson, our Auction Support Associate in Litchfield, MN.

Our auction support team is also heavily involved in the auction day. From working in the truck registering bidders, to clerking, to getting photos and capturing memories from the day, this team is the driving force behind it. “I have so much fun at live auctions getting to see the seller and all the emotions that go with that day. They are all so appreciative of what we are doing for them and it makes every sale memorable” describes Amanda.

How we built a great culture

The bonds we have between team members throughout our locations are rare to see in today's world - and that trickles down from the top. "Whenever team members tell me their favorite part about working here, I almost always get the same response: My work family" Tara Pokrzywinski, Human Resources, told us.

We credit our success to each individual team member and the dedication and value they bring to the team. As Scott Steffes, President of Steffes Group, says best: “It’s always about the people”.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team, you can see all our open positions and apply here: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Steffes-Group,-Inc./jobs