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Tips for Selling Used Farm Equipment

Tips for Selling Used Farm Equipment
March 2021

It is no secret that one consideration when selling your equipment is how to get the most out of it that you can. There are many factors that go into the final selling price of an item, and we’ll go through all the considerations you should take when preparing to sell your equipment.

Prepare Your Equipment

We recommend pressure washing all equipment and cleaning the exterior, interior, and windows, along with airing up the tires and replacing any batteries. Preparing equipment for weather conditions is also crucial. You should discuss any small repair jobs ahead of time, such as cab kits or any cosmetic needs.

Taking the time to do this will offer a great first impression. Our staff will guide you through what it means to get your equipment “auction ready” and what potential buyers are specifically looking for when shopping for used equipment.

Provide Documentation of Maintenance

When it’s time to sell, nothing beats a solid maintenance program. Potential buyers are quick to spot equipment with high hours and evidence of poor maintenance. Providing service records and paperwork showing regular maintenance will prove the piece of machinery has been well cared for, which is important to a potential buyer.

“It all adds up to the conventional wisdom that never goes away. Keep complete records, equipment in enclosed storage, and your investment will pay off when it's time to sell,” said Brad Olstad, Auctioneer.

Invest in Your Auction Experience

To get the best outcome for your auction, our team recommends setting aside part of your budget for advertising costs and setup fees.

Advertising costs may include the creation of your sale bill or postcard, print and digital ads, email blasts, and social media campaigns for your auction. This is all done by our in-house marketing team who customizes your individual marketing plan, which is key in finding the right potential buyers for your specific auction.

Setup fees cover our service of cleaning and arranging your equipment for the best presentation for auction day. Most sellers agree that having our experienced and efficient crew handle these tasks make for a great equipment presentation and maximize the return.

Steffes Group believes that every auction has a story, and we want the chance to share yours. For questions/inquiries on the auction process, or if you’re interested in getting an appraisal, contact us at 800.726.8609 or find a location near you at steffesgroup.com/home/contact.  


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