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Why Getting Your Auction in the Spring Catalog Matters

January 2021
Why Getting Your Auction in the Spring Catalog Matters

Everything points to a strong market this spring for farm equipment and land, and it’s always important to attract as many bidders as possible. So, if you’re ready to sell, here’s why it’s important to make sure your auction is included in our Steffes Group spring catalog.

Determines market trends and value for potential buyers.
We’re proud that our catalog is a key indicator for what’s coming on the market in the next season and allows potential buyers to see that preview. “Everything points to excellent demand for equipment and land, and the supply may be limited. That would likely point to good prices at auctions,” said Tim Meyer, Site Leader.

Delivered to farmers as they are evaluating their needs for land and equipment.
Now is a pivotal time for farmers who are looking to buy, which is why we strategically release our catalog before spring planting. Potential buyers of agricultural assets rely on the catalog as a solid overview of the marketplace.

“For farmers, 2020 is in the rearview mirror and they are focused on the upcoming crop season. With the optimism we are seeing, they will want to ensure they have the land and machinery to maximize their crops for the fall. The pandemic required us to adapt during 2020, but we were well-positioned to do so and saw excellent results on both live and timed online auctions. I believe we’ll be in an even stronger position this year, whatever it brings,” said Meyer.

Provides free additional advertising for your upcoming auction.
Featuring your auction in our spring catalog serves as additional advertising for your upcoming auction at no additional cost to you. This can be a critical piece to your auction marketing plan as it’s hitting our potential buyers at a prime time. Our high circulation of 60,000+ printed catalogs, as well as our online version, are extremely sought after as we make our way into the new season.

Our deadline for the spring catalog is a signed contract by January 25. Contact your Steffes representative today or find our nearest location here.

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