Steffes Group


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year From Steffes Group!
December 2020

The holiday season gives us all a chance to reach out to those who are special to us and offer wishes for a joyous Christmas and prosperous new year. It’s fair to say that none of us could have imagined all the challenges the year has brought us. But while many will remember 2020 for the COVID-19 pandemic that touched many families, it’s also important to remember that times like these bring us together, even as we have to keep our distance.

The most rewarding surprise of 2020 has been the deepened relationship between Steffes Group and our customers. The need to keep our buyers, sellers and associates safe required some creativity and flexibility on everybody’s part. When we had to adapt, you adapted with us. Many farmers who had always anticipated a live retirement auction saw the benefit of doing timed online auctions, which enabled us to continue selling farm equipment, land and other assets at fair market prices. Together, we worked out ways to safely provide services such as inspections of machinery, buildings and land with minimal risk of infection.

We were able to conduct more auctions, bring on new people, go farther and continue to make new friends, clients and customers! We look forward to 2021 and know it’s going to be another great year.

It is my hope that 2021 will mark a worldwide victory over COVID-19 and a strong economic recovery, especially for the many hard-hit businesses such as transportation, food and hospitality. Meanwhile, I pledge that we’ll continue to do what it takes to take care of our customers.

I offer humble thanks to all of you who have helped us turn the year into a success story. May 2021 bring you love, success and joy.

Scott Steffes