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Significant Auction of A Wisconsin Dairy Operation Includes 1,800 Cows

November 2020

One of the biggest on-farm dairy cattle auctions in Steffes Group history.


One of the biggest on-farm dairy cattle auctions in Steffes Group history will include 1,800 cows, two modern turnkey dairy operations, and 396 acres in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. 


“This is easily the largest dairy auction we’ve been involved with, and it will be a good test of the market among larger buyers,” said Randy Kath, Steffes representative.


The timed online auction will begin closing on Nov. 17 (real estate), Nov. 19 (cattle), and Nov. 30 (equipment). 


“Recent months have brought some improvement in the dairy market, and integrated operations like this one are rare. We could have a number of different buyers, or it could be that one buyer acquires most or all of the assets and continues to operate it,” said Representative Ashley Huhn. 


Most of the cattle are Holstein milking cows, with a few crossbred and Jersey cows. They will be selling in lots of 30 to 35 cows. 


Facilities selling in Dodge County include a 1,642 free stall facility with double 32 parallel rapid exit parlor. “This has sanded bedded stalls, a flush flume manure system, sand separation lane and concrete lagoon, as well as huge amounts of feed storage on concrete feed pad and bunkers. It is currently housing all the cattle, and all permits are in place,” said Kath.


In Racine County, facilities include an 804 free stall facility with double 12 parallel rapid exit parlor. The 197 acres includes approximately 136 tillable acres. 

The Columbia County offerings include 163 acres used as heifer raising, with some tillable land and pasture. 

For anyone who needs assistance with bidding, Steffes representatives will be at the Oconomowoc Golf Club in Oconomowoc at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 17.


Dairy Cattle - Court Ordered Auction

For more information contact Randy Kath at 701.429.8894