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Farmers Focused on Immediate Needs in Equipment Purchases During Harvest

October 2020

Farmers Focused on Immediate Needs in Equipment Purchases During Harvest


In years past, it would have been virtually unheard-of for traffic at SteffesGroup.com to be high midway through the harvest. But that’s the world we live in, with farmers riding along in their combines, shopping for equipment to get them through the rest of the season. 


And they’re not just window shopping. They’re buying -- with a focus on their immediate needs.


“Back in the summer, there was a lot of demand for practically all equipment. Now buyers seem to have a specific objective for the 2020 harvest. And they have plenty to shop for, with more than 20 equipment auctions occurring in the next six weeks,” said Max Steffes. Most of the auctions are timed online, but several will feature live bidding, he noted. 


“We’ll see someone now buy a combine and take off with it right away. We don’t always get to ask them, but it’s clear they’re planning to put it right to work,” he said. 


When you plan to put a piece into service right away, it’s important to know it’s ready to go. Fortunately, upcoming auctions include a lot of late model, low-hour harvest equipment that has been well-maintained by reputable sellers. 


“I can’t overstate the importance of disclosing everything that is known about each machine. Buyers make a significant investment, and they have to know they can rely on it,” said Max. 


“The 2020 harvest is progressing nicely, and there’s a lot of optimism among farmers. They’re seeing this year as an opportunity to expand and upgrade their capabilities to ensure efficient operations for years to come,” he said. 


Equipment auctions are spread throughout the region, with equipment being sold in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa and beyond. 


“Even though we’re drawing bidders from throughout the country, there’s no doubt that during a busy harvest season, it helps if you can find the equipment you need nearby,” he said.