Steffes Group


Get YOUR Auction Featured in the Fall Catalog
September 2020

September 23 is Deadline to Get Your Fall Auction into the Steffes Group Fall Catalog


The Steffes Group Fall Catalog plays a unique role in marketing the assets of our sellers. It gives potential bidders a helicopter view of many of the auctions planned for fall, when the harvest comes in and machinery and land go to auction.



Our catalogs provide great visibility for your auction at no cost to you. We print 80,000 copies of each and mail them to prospective bidders. We also provide the catalog online at SteffesGroup.com and promote it on social media and via email to 60,000 registered users. If you’re planning to sell assets in a Steffes Group auction this fall, you probably want to be included. But you need to get your auction under contract by the Sept. 23 deadline, so call your Steffes Group representative today!


“The Fall Catalog comes out at a time when farmers are starting to evaluate their needs for the next season. By this time, they usually have a good idea what kind of return this year’s crop will provide, which can enable them to bid with confidence, acquiring the land and machinery they’ll need for the spring,” said Scott Steffes, president of the company. 


“Despite the adjustments required due to the pandemic, we’re on a pace to surpass our 2019 total. We’re continuing to do live events as well as timed online auctions,” he said. 


If you miss the deadline for the catalog, don’t worry! You can still sell in a Steffes Group auction. It just won’t have the visibility of being in the catalog. If you don’t know your Steffes Group representative, you can find our nearest location here.