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How to Bid on a Timed Online Auction


I want to start bidding, now what?

1) "Register to Bid" (to learn how to do this, see "How Do I Register?" in FAQ's)

2) "Request to Bid" for the auction sale you are interested in by clicking the red button.

3) Accept Auction Terms & Conditions for the auction by clicking on the yellow button.

4) Once you are approved to bid, click on the green "Place a Bid!" button (will appear in place of Approval Pending text) to place a bid or your maximum bid

To bid in a timed auction:

After entering the Timed Online Auction, the lot listing will display and you can then click on the green "Place a Bid!" button for the lot that you want to bid on. When selecting the lot you would like to bid on, a window will open with the starting bid for that lot and a box, which will allow the entry of a maximum bid. This procedure can be followed for each lot you are interested in bidding on.

Please call our IT Team if you have further questions, 701.365.0443. View more bidding FAQ here.