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A 1983 Combine With Only 15.5 Engine Hours?

A 1983 Combine With Only 15.5 hours? Turns Out the Stories Were True

For years, Steffes Representative Scott Gillespie heard stories that a nearby farmer had bought a spanking new 1983 combine, driven it home and stored it indoors ever since. But Scott had never seen it with his own eyes until recently.

Now, the 1983 John Deere 8820 is scheduled for an online auction starting June 10, with Gillespie managing the sale for Steffes Group.

If you’re thinking the 15.5 hours above is a typo, it isn’t. Stan Zych, a Beardsley, Minnesota, farmer who died recently, bought the combine new and never used it, according to Gillespie. “Nobody’s really sure why. It could be that he just wanted to keep it in mint condition as a collector’s item. Whatever the reason, the phones just started going crazy as soon as we posted that item,” Gillespie said.

In just the first few days, people had called inquiring about the combine from as far away as Texas, Oregon, and even Georgia.

“Nobody knows what that will translate to in terms of sales price, of course. We’ll know on June 18, the day the auction closes on that combine and some 100 other items, including another combine, heads, tractors, trucks, earth moving equipment and cars,” he said.

The most common question from prospective bidders is how the combine has weathered the years since it was manufactured. “It has been stored indoors, but not in a climate controlled space. It’s never sat out in the sun. Some belts and hoses may need to be replaced before too long. However, we put a new battery in it and it started right up,” said Gillespie.

The auction also includes eight antique tractors, as well as late model tractors, tillage equipment, grain trucks, pickups, and cars. All items are selling without reserve.

Individuals seeking additional information on the auction may call Gillespie at 320-760-3066.