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Missed the Early Selling Season? Plan Now for a Summer or Fall Auction!

Missed the Early Selling Season? Plan Now for a Summer or Fall Auction!

One of the benefits of an auction is the ability to sell virtually any asset at any time. But sellers get the best results by planning carefully, preparing their farms and equipment for the auction, and selling when the market is most favorable.

Even with careful planning, of course, unpredicted events like the recent flooding can complicate the marketing. Obviously, the floods in parts of the Midwest have required some adjustments, but fortunately, most of the areas we cover have been spared severe flooding, as we continue to pray for a gradual thaw to prevent floods from spreading northward.

Either way, however, the June-August period will be the next optimal selling period. We already have quite a few auctions lined up for that period and beyond. In fact, some of those have been planned a year or more in advance.

“When I was growing up and starting my career, my dad (founder Bob Steffes) was always reminding me that spring comes every year. No matter what happens earlier in the year, June always arrives to bring us pretty days, green fields and warm temperatures,” said President Scott Steffes.

“Sellers in June, July, and August will find is a great time for auctions. For those with land and other assets to sell, we’re encouraging sellers now to focus on that time frame, as well as the fall, after harvest. There are always going to be uncertainties. We can’t know what will happen with interest rates, commodity prices, and other factors. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, the only certainty is that things will change. But the market for farmland is enduring and will always be there,” he said. Ready to start planning your auction? Our representatives are always happy to hear from you.